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Award-winning Master Certified Coach and Business Development Strategist Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC.
"Supporting entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to build, manage and lead great businesses"
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What I do

I help business owners and professionals build great businesses.

What’s a great business? It’s a business that is extraordinarily successful. A business that allows its owners and employees to be great at what they do and deliver high quality products and services - so revenues, profits and equity grow.

It’s also a business that allows everyone to live a full, productive, happy and balanced life.

In short, I teach, coach and mentor people in how to use their business as a tool towards greater success and freedom.

Coach Steve

Signs You May Benefit From Business Development Coaching

Recognize any of these:
Your business is not growing as fast as you believe it could.
You are not clear on where you need to be in 5 years.
You are working too hard for the results you are getting.
Revenue, profit and asset growth is not where you want it.
Stress is taking its toll on your health and relationships.
You know you are not spending time of the most productive tasks.
You have not been able build a great team you trust.
You are not enjoying the business as much as you once did.
You struggle balancing your business and personal lives.

These sorts of challenges are common in every business. We have all been there. However, highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that if you expect much better results, you must be committed to grow, learn, re-focus and begin to do things differently.

That is what Business Development Coaching is all about. Helping you get clear, get a plan, and take the practical steps needed to get you those far better results.

It is a very rewarding journey. And you should see that in the first 5 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a quick complimentary chat. I would love to know a little about what you are trying to achieve, and would be happy to answer any questions and give you a feel for how coaching would work for you.

Contact me at Steve.

Key Business Growth Principles That Could Save You
Years of Struggle

After spending the entirety of my adult life in business, studying business, or working with others running businesses - I have identified a few key principles and elementary truths, the ignorance of which can condemn a business owner to years of struggle.

In service of saving others from falling into these predicable "potholes" on the road to greater success, here are a few points to consider:

We are all blind to the changes we would most benefit from making. (Welcome to the human race. This is how we are wired, and why we need to design in sufficient support.)
The closer to the top you are in any organization, the less un-censored feedback you get. (Few people tell the boss what they really think, or what is really happening. And without great feedback you cannot properly adjust, plan or grow.)
Our biggest challenges, are never solved at our current level of thinking. (This is Einstein's observation. An its practical application in business means that the thinking and actions that got you here, will not be enough to get you to the next level.)
It is one thing to intend to grow and change. It is an entirely different thing to actually behave differently. (Knowledge or insight is rarely enough to change behavior. It takes time, focus and support for most of us to actually change.)
Under stress we always revert to old behavior. (This is Maslow in action. When we are under stress the human brain falls back on old patterns - that may or may not be the right course of action. And who in business is not under elevated levels of stress.)
You cannot achieve your full potential, all by yourself. (If you are working on a goal which you already know you can achieve, without assistance, chances are you are thinking too small.)
The better you are attracting, engaging, developing and retaining, great people, the greater you chances are of building a very successful business. (Not to mention being able to delegate enough to actually have a life.)
Some good, experienced advice, feedback and direction can save you years of struggle, stress and a small fortune. (I wish I knew this depth of this truth in the early part of my career.)
Business Coaching Consultation

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Why Steve ?

Steve Mitten is an award-winning Master Certified Coach and business development strategist that has coached, mentored and advised over 1000 successful business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

As an investor and entrepreneur he started 5 companies, leading 2 through IPO’s. As a expert in leadership development, he frequently speaks and writes on the nuances of creating, managing and leading extraordinarily successful companies.

Steve is a pioneer in the coaching industry who has served as President of the International Coach Federation, and been the recipient of a "Coach Of The Year" award. More On Steve

Business Client Testimonials

“Steve has been a constant catalyst for growth to me over the past 5 years, helping me explode the business tenfold, while spending less time at the office!”
Robert Bloink, Managing Director
First Union Acceptance

“Steve’s insight and knowledge of the complexities of leadership are exceptional, would recommend Steve to anyone wanting to increase their leadership IQ”
Gordy Fox, Founder & CEO
Home Care Delivered, Inc

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